criminal law reform

Facts Over Fears (2018): The benefits of declining to prosecute misdemeanor and low-level felony offenses

The War on Marijuana in Black and White: A Massachusetts Update (2016): Marijuana law enforcement in Massachusetts before and after decriminalization (appendix)


Racial justice

Black, Brown, and Targeted (2014): Racially discriminatory stop-and-frisk practices by the Boston Police Department (report summary)

Arrested Futures: The Criminalization of School Discipline in Massachusetts' Three Largest School Districts (2012): School-based arrests in Boston, Springfield and Worcester

Locking Up Our Children (2008): Pretrial juvenile lockup and its disproportionate impact on youth of color

A Looming Crisis (2008): Detention of youth after arrest and before arraignment

Disproportionate Minority Confinement (2003): Failures in assessing and addressing the overrepresentation of minorities in the Massachusetts juvenile justice system


Police accountability

No Tape, No Testimony (2016): How courts can ensure the responsible use of body cameras

Cops in the Commonwealth (2016): Militarized, federalized policing in Massachusetts

Mass Impact: The Domestic War on Terrorism (2004): What the war on terrorism has meant for people and institutions in Massachusetts

Less Lethal Force (2015): Proposed standards for Massachustts law enforcement agencies

Our Homes are Not Battlefields (2014): Militarization of local law enforcement, disproportionately targeting the poor and people of color

Policing Dissent (2012): Political surveillance practices of the Boston Police Department



Protected: Beyond Sanctuary: Local Strategies for Defending Civil Liberties (2018): A roadmap for cities to "build a wall" to protect residents from attacks by the Trump administration

Detention and Deportation in the Age of ICE (2008): Jail conditions and due process issues for immigrants detained in Massachusetts


Privacy & Surveillance

Social Media Monitoring in Boston: Free Speech in the Crosshairs (2018): Revealing Boston Police's social media surveillance over three years

Inside Orders: Secrecy and Warrantless Surveillance in Massachusetts (2017): The secret world of administrative subpoenas in Massachusetts

Back to the Drawing Board: Student Privacy in Massachusetts K-12 Schools (2015): The state of digital privacy in Massachusetts schools

When We Are All Suspects (2010): Background on government surveillance in Massachusetts