The Civil Liberties MinuteTM podcasts—written and recorded each week by attorney Bill Newman, director of the ACLU’s western Massachusetts office—highlight threats to civil liberties and what you can do to protect freedom.

Civil liberties luminaries including Lilly Ledbetter, Baratunde Thurston, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Frances Crowe, Martín Espada, Ramsey Clark, and Louis Black introduce episodes.

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Recent episodes:

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Elections v. Impeachment | What constitution says about  the confluence of a duly elected president and the possibility of impeachment.

Can Gangs Run a Prison? | A recent expose on a corporate Mississippi prison provides a disturbing answer.

A Public Charge: The Trump Administration v. Immigrants (again) | Fortunately, a federal court has issued a preliminary injunction against DHS’s proposed “public charge” rule.

Impeachment: The Actual Words | Here are the words in the Constitution that govern impeachment. 

“High Crimes and Misdemeanors” | What these words mean.