The Civil Liberties MinuteTM podcasts—written and recorded each week by attorney Bill Newman, director of the ACLU’s western Massachusetts office—highlight threats to civil liberties and what you can do to protect freedom.

Civil liberties luminaries including Lilly Ledbetter, Baratunde Thurston, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Frances Crowe, Martín Espada, Ramsey Clark, and Louis Black introduce episodes.

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Up Against the Wall | The President’s assertion of power to build his border wall, notwithstanding Congress’ refusal to appropriate the funds for it, raises grave constitutional issues.

47 Months for  Paul Manafort | The answer to the question, was this the right sentence, depends on how you turn the kaleidoscope of justice.

Solitary | Massachusetts passed a law last year to reduce and restrict the use of solitary confinement. How does the law in the books compare to the reality behind the walls and razor wire?

A Big Boobie Award? | From a high school to the schools’ cheerleaders –you got to be making this up. Unfortunately, we’re not.

Can Your Religion Disqualify You From Becoming a Foster or Adoptive Parent? | In 2019, this sounds impossible—doesn’t it?

President Trump’s Voter Fraud Fraud | President Trump's claim of voter fraud is the real fraud. Here are the facts.

Defeating Anti-Semitism | Here is an object lesson from Dearborn, Michigan in how (and how not) to do that.


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