The ACLU of Massachusetts legal director Matthew R. Segal released the following statement:

"With litigation against the unjust Muslim ban now unfolding in the rest of the country, the ACLU of Massachusetts has dismissed our lawsuit challenging the ban. We are grateful to our individual clients, to Oxfam America, and to our fellow advocates for helping to achieve important early momentum against the ban. We are now shifting fronts in the battle against the Trump Administration’s unjust actions. Later today, on behalf of several criminal defense organizations, we will file an amicus brief urging the Supreme Judicial Court to hold that it is unconstitutional for Massachusetts state and local police to detain someone based solely on an Immigration and Customs Enforcement ‘detainer' request. As pioneers of freedom here in Massachusetts, we will continue to work every day in the courts, in the state legislature, and in our communities to defend and preserve liberty and justice for all."

For more information about the case opposing President Trump's original Muslim ban, click here.

For more information about the amicus brief we are filing against immigration detainers, click here.