UPDATE March 20, 2017: We have dismissed the Boston-based lawsuit challenging the Muslim ban. The ACLU of Massachusetts played a significant role in getting the first ban revoked, and we stand ready to continue challenging other unconstitutional actions by the Trump administration.

UPDATE February 4, 11:00am: The ACLU of Massachusetts believes that the temporary restraining order issued in Boston last Sunday, January 29, 2017 to block President Trump’s Muslim travel ban remains in effect until Monday night at 11:59pm.

Another ruling on Friday from Seattle provides additional protection, nationwide, for those trying to travel to the United States, but travelers and their family, friends, employers, and others are advised to monitor the rapidly evolving situation closely, and consider making needed trips or returns to the United States as early as possible.

Legal advisors will be available at Boston’s Logan airport for passengers on all international arriving flights known to be boarding passengers previously affected by the travel ban. Those seeking more information may also use the following phone number and email address, which are being staffed 24/7 by attorneys: +1-617-903-8943, order@fragomen.com.

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UPDATE February 3, 5:40pm: The federal district court in Boston did not extend the temporary restraining order on President Trump’s illegal and dangerous executive order. ACLU of Massachusetts executive director Carol Rose said:

"The ACLU of Massachusetts is deeply disappointed that the federal district court did not extend the temporary restraining order on President Trump’s illegal and dangerous executive order. But this case is not over; ACLU of Massachusetts lawyers will continue to challenge the executive order in this case, and the ACLU will continue to challenge it in cases all over the nation.

"Today’s ruling is not just about laws; it’s about lives. The ACLU of Massachusetts is proud that our urgent work last weekend - along with the Attorney General’s Office - caused the Trump Administration to halt efforts to apply it to green card holders. But thousands of people holding proper visas, as well as Oxfam America and other social service and advocacy organizations, continue to have their constitutional rights violated by the continuation of this executive order.

"The ACLU of Massachusetts remains deeply committed to protecting freedoms of all Massachusetts citizens – and challenging any actions we believe to be illegal, unconstitutional and dangerous. We will continue to work every day in the courts, in the state legislature, and in our communities to defend and preserve liberty and justice for all.”

UPDATE February 2: Lufthansa is now boarding travelers from the seven banned countries in accordance with the Massachusetts order.

Know Your Rights: What To Do When Encountering Law Enforcement at Airports and Other Ports of Entry into the U.S.
Know Your Rights: What To Do When Faced With Anti-Muslim Discrimination (available in English, Arabic and Urdu)

On February 1, 2017, the ACLU of Massachusetts filed an amended complaint in federal court with attorneys Susan Church and Kerry Doyle, and the law firm Mintz Levin, which expands their ongoing challenge to President Trump's illegal, unconstitutional and dangerous executive order banning entry to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries.

We originally filed the lawsuit on Saturday evening, January 28, on behalf of two lawful permanent residents of the U.S. who were detained at Logan Airport after returning from international travel. Following a hearing that began late on January 28 and went until nearly 2 a.m. on January 29, a federal district court in Boston issued a temporary restraining order that, for seven days, prohibits the government from relying on the executive order to detain or remove anyone who is otherwise legally authorized to enter the U.S.

The amended complaint adds as plaintiffs several non-citizens who are legally in the United States and now fear that, if they leave, they will be unable to return.

The amended complaint also adds Oxfam America, Inc., as a plaintiff, alleging that the international aid organization's First Amendment rights are threatened by President Trump's order.

This lawsuit is one of dozens filed throughout the nation to challenge President Trump's executive orders on immigration and refugee policy. Learn more about the other cases at University of Michigan Law School's Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse, which will be updated continuously.


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Matthew R. Segal, Sarah Wunsch, Jessie J. Rossman, Laura Rótolo, Adriana Lafaille (ACLU of Massachusetts); Kerry E. Doyle (Graves & Doyle) and Susan Church and Heather Yountz (Demissie & Church); Michael S. Gardener, Elizabeth B. Burnett, Peter A. Biagett