In today’s political climate, many immigrants and their families are constantly in fear — fear that they may be separated from one another or fear that they may be deported for reporting a violent crime. Fear that keeps them in the shadows.

Brockton residents should be treated fairly and equally, regardless of immigration status. 

Please call the Brockton City Council Ordinance Committee members and ask them to build a stronger city by passing the Brockton United Ordinance.

Call the Brockton City Council Ordinance Committee: 

  • Robert Sullivan (Chair), Councilor at Large: (508) 846-1208
  • Winthrop Farwell Jr., Councilor at Large: (508) 583-0052
  • Jean Bradley Derenoncourt, Councilor at Large: (774) 297-0191
  • Timothy Cruise, Ward 1: (508) 587-0871
  • Thomas Monahan, Ward 2: (508) 942-0385

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