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Students don't lose their Constitutional rights when they go to school. Despite that, too many school district policies across our Commonwealth tell students they have "no expectation of privacy" on the internet or devices at school. That can't be right. Public school students deserve access to technology and digital privacy rights.

The ACLU is proud to offer two model policies for school districts seeking to provide students with privacy rights while protecting school safety and keeping students on task. The first policy covers school internet networks and devices, and the second governs how students' personal devices may be searched or accessed by school officials. Both policies set out clear standards for searches, and require documentation and transparency to make sure parents and communities are informed.

Download the policies:

If you want to organize locally to get these policies enacted in your district, the first step is to attend a school committee meeting. Get to know the process at your committee, and ask for a meeting with the chairperson. If you’d like more information about how to organize locally, please contact Kade Crockford at We will help in whatever way we can.


Kade Crockford in MetroWest Daily: Guarding Student Rights: High-tech schooling requires common-sense privacy safeguards

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