Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, today released the following statement in response to today’s conference report on criminal justice reform:

“Massachusetts leaders deserve real credit for making criminal justice reform a priority this legislative session. We appreciate the dedicated work of the conferees to improve the way our justice system functions for people and communities throughout Massachusetts, and we’re grateful to the community of advocates who together have brought their passion and expertise to bear on this legislation. Of course, the most powerful motivation to change our broken criminal legal system comes from the voices of people who are directly impacted by its excesses and inequities.

“We are pleased that the House and Senate compromise includes meaningful reforms that will ultimately help make our criminal legal system fairer and our Commonwealth safer – and we look forward to reviewing it in detail. This compromise is an important step, but there is still tremendous work to be done to end over-incarceration and ensure the fair administration of justice. The ACLU of Massachusetts will keep fighting for stronger reforms. In every legislative session, we will remain steadfast in pursuing justice.”