Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, this morning released the following statement in advance of sending legal observers to monitor press access to speakers at today’s events on the Boston Common:

“Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are among our constitutional rights, and we remain deeply committed to protecting those rights. Now more than ever, the freedom of press is critical to democracy as both a watchdog and a vehicle for citizens to express themselves. That’s why the ACLU of Massachusetts has legal observers on site today making sure that journalists have access to any public demonstrations and can adequately cover them.

“While ACLU of Massachusetts’ primary focus today is on monitoring journalists’ access to speakers on the Boston Common, we forcefully condemn racism, white supremacy, white nationalism, and all forms of bigotry. We also condemn those who plan to perpetrate violence under the guise of exercising civil liberties. There is no place for violence in our society, and no protection under the First Amendment for those who incite it.”