A federal court yesterday denied two motions to dismiss claims in a lawsuit filed by the family of Madelyn Linsenmeir against the Springfield Police Department and Hampden County’s Sheriff Department, allowing the wrongful death suit to move forward.

“We are grateful that the case is moving forward, and we remain committed to seeking justice for Madelyn,” said Maura O’Neill, Madelyn’s sister and the plaintiff in the case as the administrator of her estate.  

In 2020, the ACLU of Massachusetts, together with Prisoners’ Legal Services of Massachusetts and the law firm Goulston & Storrs PC, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Madelyn's estate. According to the complaint, Madelyn was arrested by the Springfield Police Department in late September 2018, and transferred to the custody of the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department. The complaint further alleges that, while in custody, Madelyn was unlawfully denied medical care while experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, and other symptoms, resulting in her death from a treatable heart infection. 

The ACLU of Massachusetts, and its co-counsel at Prisoners' Legal Services and Goulston Storrs, will continue to seek justice for Madelyn and her family.