In its coverage of the civil rights lawsuit we, along with Howard Friedman, filed on behalf of a Roxbury woman who was beaten and arrested for intervening in an instance of abuse by MBTA police officers, The Bay State Banner looked to the bigger picture, connecting Mary Holmes' mistreatment by law enforcement to the need for police body cameras and broader police accountability:

At a time when the City of Boston has been seen resisting a proposal to outfit BPD officers with body-worn cameras, the case of a woman beaten by MBTA officers underscored how effective cameras can be at countering embellished police reports.

Roxbury resident Mary Holmes was passing through Dudley Station in March 26 of last year when she observed an MBTA officer, Jennifer Garvey, screaming at and shoving an elderly black woman. Holmes asked Garvey why she was being aggressive with the woman and called 911....

First Garvey is seen advancing on Holmes, as Holmes walks backwards. Next, Garvey grabs Holmes’ phone, then smashes it to bits on the pavement. Finally, minutes later, Garvey and her then-partner, Officer Alfred Trinh shot pepper spray into Holmes’ eyes, beat her with batons, then threw her to the ground as commuters in the busy bus station scrambled (depicted at about 10:20 on the fourth video, above).

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