Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, today released the following statement in response to Anthony Scaramucci’s threat to sue a student and the Tufts University school newspaper for defamation following the publication of an op-ed column criticizing him:

“The ACLU of Massachusetts is advising Tufts graduate student Camilo Caballero. While we continue to review Anthony Scaramucci’s threats, there is no doubt that sending a graduate student a legal demand letter accusing him of libel just two days before Thanksgiving - and demanding turnaround of five business days - is plainly mean-spirited. Unfortunately, however, his actions are not entirely surprising, as they are completely consistent with President Trump’s ongoing attacks against the press and free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. This matter seems to be one where the apple doesn’t fall far from the Trump.

“Since his inauguration, the ACLU of Massachusetts has worked tirelessly to fight the worst excesses of the Trump Administration - and we remain deeply committed to ensuring that free press stays free. We will not allow Mr. Caballero or any other similarly-situated journalist to be bullied into silence.”

UPDATE 11/28: Read the letter we sent to Mr. Scaramucci's attorney.