Carol Rose, executive director of ACLU of Massachusetts, today released the following statement on ICE’s latest deportation roundup:

“The blatant targeting of cities and states that do not collaborate with the federal deportation machine reveals the Trump administration's true motives: to retaliate against anyone who doesn't help carry out its xenophobic immigration policies.

“In many cases, such as in Massachusetts, the law does not authorize the kind of collaboration that Trump demands. Attempts to bully state and local law enforcement into violating the constitution is no way to build cooperation between local, state, and federal government. Worse, the Trump administration's fear-mongering and draconian deportation tactics erode trust between immigrant families and the law enforcement officials responsible for keeping communities safe. Using human beings as pawns in a cynical political game is cruel, inhumane, and unacceptable.
“Now more than ever, Massachusetts residents, leaders and lawmakers should stand united against such pressure, and act swiftly and decisively to create as many protections against Trump's deportation machine as possible. This includes working with our state legislature to pass the Safe Communities Act, legislation designed to safeguard Massachusetts against Trump's racist policies and foster trust between law enforcement and our immigrant communities.

“For our part, The ACLU of Massachusetts will continue to fight in the courts, at the State House, and on the streets to defend our immigrant communities, friends, and neighbors against the worst excesses of the Trump administration.”

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