The City of Medford Tuesday night passed a resolution encouraging residents to promote and complete the 2020 Census to ensure a fair and complete count. According to the new resolution, Medford is committed to ensuring every resident is counted.

The decennial census has traditionally undercounted communities of color, immigrants, renters, low-income people, and children. Medford includes many hard-to-count communities, including one census tract where just over 50% of residents have completed the survey to date. 

"A full and complete 2020 Census count is essential to providing the funding and support the people of Medford deserve over the next decade," said Medford City Councilor Zac Bears. "Please fill out your private and confidential Census form online at and assist Census Bureau staff as they work to get every household to get counted!"

“Although there is a lot of mistrust of the federal government right now, it’s important to understand that our political representation and funding depends on every resident being counted,” said Laura Rótolo, ACLU of Massachusetts Staff Counsel and Community Advocate and resident of Medford. “I thank the City Council for supporting the census count, especially in this time of significant budget cuts to our schools and other city departments.”