In the days ahead, let us redouble our commitment to civil liberties and the civil rights of those most at risk.

When threats to liberty are greatest, the ACLU is at its finest. Together with you, we can and must resist policies that threaten immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ people, religious minoritiesdissidents, and others who are targets of oppression.

We won’t give up. We never do.

Yesterday, hundreds of ACLU supporters participated in our statewide election protection efforts. Last Monday, we won a critical first step in a voting rights case to expand the franchise to thousands of people in future elections. And last night, we helped to lead the victorious effort to enact sensible drug policies.

Today, ACLU attorneys Matt Segal and Adriana Lafaille are in federal court in Boston, arguing against indefinite detention of immigrants without bond. This afternoon, ACLU attorneys Jessie Rossman and Carl Williams will be in federal court for a civil rights suit challenging police brutality.

Tomorrow and in the days to come, the ACLU will be in the courthouse, in the State House, and on the streets, defending liberty and justice for all.

This is not the time to abandon the promise of America. We must fight to keep our commitment to one another, and to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Our country needs the ACLU now, more than ever. And the ACLU needs you. Thank you for standing with us.

Carol Rose is the executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts.

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