Grassroots Lobby Webinar Training

The most effective action you can take to influence policy-making is to visit your state legislators and make your voice heard. Join us for our Grassroots Lobby Training Webinar to learn how to lobby your state lawmakers and help us pass ACLU Freedom Agenda in 2018, which includes criminal justice reform, immigrants’ rights, and voting rights. You can join us from your home - all you need is an internet connection!

You’ll learn:

  • Who your state legislator is what kind of power they have
  • How a bill becomes a law in Massachusetts and where we are in the legislative calendar
  • What ACLU bills are most important right now
  • How to set up a lobbying visit with your legislator and report your results back to the ACLU office
  • In Massachusetts, we are halfway through a two-year legislative session, which means we only have until July to ensure our legislators hear from us. After attending a training, you will be armed with the information and skills you need to visit your legislators and make a real difference.

    All lobby trainings are free and open to the public. .