What's a "CryptoParty"?

A “CryptoParty” is a decentralized movement to introduce individuals to the basics of digital security with events happening all over the world. The idea is that those with knowledge and training expertise pass on lessons on how to protect individuals in digital spaces.
A CryptoParty is supposed to be free, public and most importantly: fun. They should be commercially and politically non-aligned and absolutely against all forms of sexual harassment and discrimination. They should never be an echo chamber of nerds. Participants are expected to bring their laptops, mobile devices and are encouraged to ask questions about why privacy and security is important – as well as how to best protect themselves.
CryptoParties are free and open to everyone, and those without prior knowledge or who have never attended one are encouraged to join us.

Sounds Great! When can I attend?

We are hosting our first CryptoParty of 2018 on February 22nd, from 6:30 to 8:30pm at our offices at 211 Congress St 4th Floor, Boston, MA, 02110. Refreshments will be served.