BREAKING: Major voting rights legislation — the VOTES Act — is moving in the Massachusetts House right now. But it’s missing a critical provision: Same Day Registration (SDR) — a crucial reform that’s necessary for equity and racial justice.

Please call your state rep and urge them to vote for a floor amendment to include Same Day Registration in the VOTES Act!

Use the following script when you call your state representative:

“Hi, my name is ______ and I’m calling from [town] to urge Rep. ________ to support any and all amendments to restore Same Day Registration in the VOTES Act. Same Day Registration has been tested in 20 other states and it’s the most important reform to improve equity and racial justice in voting access.”

Additional talking points:

  • SDR is used in 20 other states, including our neighbors Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut.
  • The vast majority of people who use SDR do so to fix issues with their current registrations.
  • SDR is popular: 65% of Massachusetts voters support it.
  • SDR was one of the critical reforms that conservatives blocked in the U.S. Senate last week. Now Rep. _______ has a chance to step up and make it happen here at home.
  • Please rise to this historic moment and demonstrate leadership on voting rights.

Use this tool to find the number for your state representative (NOT your state senator):

Find my state legislator (