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  1. Massachusetts House embraces hybrid hearings for joint standing committees

    February 1, 2023News updateGovernment Transparency
  2. Massachusetts Senate passes hybrid hearings for joint standing committees

    February 9, 2023News updateGovernment Transparency
  3. ACLU of Massachusetts launches Advocates Academy

    February 23, 2023News updateVoting Rights, Government Transparency
  4. Boston introduces ordinance to make hybrid access to public meetings permanent

    March 1, 2023News updateGovernment Transparency
  5. State’s highest court declares “public comment” restrictions unconstitutional

    March 7, 2023News updateFree Speech and Expression, Government Transparency
  6. ACLU: Public meetings can be efficient, orderly, and open for public comment after SJC free speech ruling

    March 10, 2023News updateGovernment Transparency, Free Speech and Expression
  7. Advocates call for permanent reforms to guarantee hybrid open meetings

    March 23, 2023News updateGovernment Transparency
  8. ACLU files public records lawsuit against Auditor’s Office for wrongfully withholding records

    May 9, 2023News updateGovernment Transparency