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  1. What guidance are ICE officials giving to state and local law enforcement?

    April 10, 2019News updateGovernment Transparency, Immigrants' Rights
  2. What are the Trump administration’s border security priorities?

    April 23, 2019News updateGovernment Transparency
  3. How does your state ID photo become a tool for government surveillance?

    July 10, 2019News updatePrivacy and Surveillance, Government Transparency
  4. We are suing Boston for information about “Operation Clean Sweep”

    September 24, 2019News updateCriminal Law Reform, Government Transparency, Police Accountability
  5. Law enforcement arrest records should be public

    October 15, 2019News updatePolice Accountability, Government Transparency
  6. We are suing the FBI to find out how they use face surveillance technology

    October 31, 2019News updatePrivacy and Surveillance, Government Transparency
  7. ACLU releases new data analysis tool for tracking Boston Police incidents

    May 28, 2020News updateGovernment Transparency, Police Accountability
  8. Advocacy organizations call for permanent remote access option for all public meetings

    June 16, 2021News updateGovernment Transparency