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  1. Involuntarily treatment for substance use is harmful—and sometimes deadly

    January 16, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform
  2. ACLU asks Massachusetts supreme court to dismiss additional wrongful convictions

    March 15, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform
  3. ACLU of Massachusetts victory sets up single largest dismissal of wrongful convictions in nation's history

    April 18, 2017News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  4. Massachusetts voters legalize marijuana, and ACLU sets sights on successful implementation

    November 9, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  5. Following civil rights lawsuit, state lawmakers act to address decades-long practice of imprisoning women suffering from addiction

    January 21, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  6. Racial justice is justice for all

    January 15, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  7. After years of misconduct, thousands of wrongful convictions are dismissed

    April 5, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform
  8. ACLU to state legislators: Keep opioid bill on the right track

    July 25, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform
  9. Progress on criminal justice reform in Massachusetts

    March 23, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  10. Criminal justice bill represents important progress for Massachusetts

    April 4, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice


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