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  1. ACLU of Massachusetts v. City of Springfield

    June 12, 2020CasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice, Government Transparency
  2. Rahim v. Conley

    February 2, 2020CaseRacial Justice, Police Accountability, Government Transparency
  3. ACLU of Massachusetts v. Bristol County Sheriff’s Office

    May 18, 2020CaseCriminal Law Reform, Immigrants' Rights
  4. Jess v. Summer Hill Estates Condominium Trust

    October 16, 2020CaseFree Speech and Expression, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Racial Justice
  5. Regis v. Gross

    March 21, 2019CasePolice Accountability
  6. Poe v. Mayorkas

    February 8, 2021Case
  7. Pereira Brito v. Wilkinson (previously Pereira Brito v. Rosen and Pereira Brito v. Barr)

    June 12, 2019CaseImmigrants' Rights
  8. Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless v. City of Fall River

    March 28, 2019CaseFree Speech and Expression
  9. Augusto v. Moniz

    May 21, 2020CaseImmigrants' Rights
  10. UpperWest v. ABCC

    October 31, 2019CaseFree Speech and Expression