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  1. After years of misconduct, thousands of wrongful convictions are dismissed

    April 5, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform
  2. Judge confirms: Government violates ACLU client's due process rights

    May 22, 2018News updateImmigrants' Rights
  3. Massachusetts reaffirms commitment to protecting reproductive freedom

    July 27, 2018News updateReproductive Freedom
  4. The Boston Globe calls for comprehensive body camera policy in Boston

    May 3, 2016News updatePolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  5. Court to consider Boston police union's attempt to halt body-worn camera pilot

    September 6, 2016News updatePolice Accountability
  6. Do it right, with participation, privacy and public accountability

    June 27, 2016Page
  7. Body-worn camera breakthrough

    September 13, 2016News updatePolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  8. ACLU supports Question 4: taxation and regulation of marijuana

    September 23, 2016PageCriminal Law Reform
  9. ACLU to state legislators: Keep opioid bill on the right track

    July 25, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform
  10. Progress on criminal justice reform in Massachusetts

    March 23, 2018News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice