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  1. ACLU asks when and how Boston Police use Stingray technology

    February 24, 2016News updatePolice Accountability, Privacy and Surveillance
  2. Massachusetts has the opportunity to lead on consumer internet privacy

    June 13, 2017News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. ACLU of Massachusetts challenges secretive administrative subpoenas

    June 28, 2017News updateGovernment Transparency, Police Accountability, Privacy and Surveillance
  4. Massachusetts has an opportunity to support net neutrality and advance internet privacy

    March 28, 2018News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  5. Because health insurance only works if you feel safe to use it

    August 17, 2015News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  6. Historic context: civil liberties and social media surveillance

    December 20, 2016News updatePolice Accountability, Privacy and Surveillance
  7. Getting real about how Boston's dragnet surveillance plan endangers civil liberties

    December 23, 2016News updatePolice Accountability, Privacy and Surveillance
  8. Electronic tolling: we can have new technology and privacy, too.

    August 29, 2016News updateGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance
  9. Cameras used for electronic toll collection raise privacy concerns

    August 9, 2016News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  10. So this is what it feels like to be terrorized

    June 17, 2016News updateLGBTQ Rights, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Privacy and Surveillance, Racial Justice