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  1. ACLU of Massachusetts v. NEMLEC

    June 21, 2015CaseGovernment Transparency, Police Accountability
  2. Commonwealth v. Augustine

    February 19, 2014CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. Massachusetts Peace Action v. City of Cambridge

    July 12, 2018CaseFree Speech and Expression
  4. Doe v. Baker (formerly Doe v. Patrick)

    July 1, 2014CaseCriminal Law Reform, LGBTQ Rights
  5. ACLU v. FBI

    March 30, 2016CaseGovernment Transparency
  6. Glik v. Cunniffe

    January 5, 2012CaseFree Speech and Expression, Police Accountability
  7. Thayer v. City of Worcester

    January 10, 2015CaseFree Speech and Expression
  8. Commonwealth v. Magadini

    November 25, 2015CaseEconomic Justice
  9. Chelsea Collaborative v. Galvin

    November 2, 2016CaseVoting Rights
  10. Commonwealth v. Lunn and Lunn v. Smith

    April 3, 2017CaseImmigrants' Rights