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  1. SJC unanimously rules government needs specific information to justify cellphone search, seizure

    September 28, 2016News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  2. Motion to unseal docket sheet for All Writs Act case in Massachusetts

    March 31, 2016CaseGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance
  3. Champa v. Town of Weston Public Schools

    August 27, 2015CaseGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance
  4. Commonwealth v. Dorelas

    July 23, 2015CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  5. Commonwealth v. Gelfgatt

    October 18, 2014CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  6. New Report: Social media monitoring in Boston targets protected speech

    February 7, 2018News updatePolice Accountability, Privacy and Surveillance
  7. Massachusetts House passes meaningful criminal justice reform

    November 15, 2017News updateCriminal Law Reform, Privacy and Surveillance
  8. Pride and Privacy

    June 22, 2015News updateLGBTQ Rights, Privacy and Surveillance
  9. State Senator Karen Spilka and Representative Sarah Peake renew call for passage of the Massachusetts Electronic Privacy Act as part of national focus on privacy issues

    January 20, 2016News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  10. ACLU moves to unseal information about case similar to FBI v. Apple

    March 31, 2016News updateGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance