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  1. Mass. High Court: Cops Must get a Warrant to Conduct Long-Term Video Surveillance of a Private Home

    August 14, 2020PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance
  2. Champa v. Town of Weston Public Schools

    August 27, 2015CaseGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance
  3. Commonwealth v. Estabrook

    October 17, 2015CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  4. Commonwealth v. White

    December 7, 2015CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  5. Motion to unseal docket sheet for All Writs Act case in Massachusetts

    March 31, 2016CaseGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance
  6. Shawn Musgrave and Nasser Eledroos v. Clerk of the Superior Court for Criminal Business in Suffolk County, et al.

    June 28, 2017CaseGovernment Transparency, Privacy and Surveillance
  7. Alasaad v. Wolf (formerly Alasaad v. McAleenan and Alasaad v. Duke)

    September 13, 2017CasePrivacy and Surveillance, Immigrants' Rights