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  1. Police are copying and pasting body parts in face recognition searches

    May 17, 2019PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance, Police Accountability
  2. District attorneys can help end mass incarceration

    May 28, 2019PublicationCriminal Law Reform
  3. The government needs to get a warrant if it wants access to our private health information

    May 29, 2019PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance
  4. Face surveillance technology gives government unprecedented power

    June 7, 2019PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance
  5. The FBI has access to over 640 million photos of us through its facial recognition database

    June 10, 2019PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance
  6. Black boys aren’t “wolf packs” and abusive prosecutors aren’t “lone wolves”

    June 18, 2019PublicationRacial Justice, Criminal Law Reform
  7. Major face surveillance company releases dystopian tracking tool

    June 24, 2019PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance
  8. Children are dying in government custody, and DHS is dodging accountability

    June 24, 2019PublicationImmigrants' Rights
  9. The Supreme Court’s most consequential ruling for privacy in the digital age, one year in

    June 28, 2019PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance
  10. Did you mean, "male lawyer"? On language translators and gender bias

    November 16, 2018PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance