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  1. Voting Rights: The ACLU and the struggle for democracy

    February 13, 2020Publication
  2. Traffic Stop Data Collection

    May 7, 2019LegislationRacial Justice, Police Accountability
  3. Act

    June 15, 2018Listing Page
  4. ACLU statement on Trump's administration’s plan to deploy elite tactical units to “sanctuary cities”

    February 15, 2020News update
  5. Living While Black on Campus

    February 10, 2020CampaignPolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  6. Projects

    June 15, 2018Listing Page
  7. Asylum-seeking family reunited after ACLU lawsuit challenging unlawful “Return to Mexico” policy

    February 7, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights
  8. Boston Globe endorses statewide moratorium on face surveillance

    February 4, 2020News update
  9. Linsenmeir v. City of Springfield

    November 26, 2018CasePolice Accountability, Criminal Law Reform
  10. Sclafani v. Mici

    December 19, 2019CaseCriminal Law Reform


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