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  1. Commonwealth v. Dorelas

    July 23, 2015CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  2. Commonwealth v. Gelfgatt

    October 18, 2014CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. Cook v. Mystic Valley Regional Charter School

    May 19, 2017CaseRacial Justice, Free Speech and Expression
  4. Bridgeman v. District Attorney for Suffolk County

    April 3, 2017CaseCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  5. Holmes v. Garvey

    August 19, 2015CasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice
  6. Morris v. US

    August 5, 2015Case
  7. Commonwealth v. Walters

    September 1, 2015Case
  8. Pensamiento v. McDonald

    March 13, 2018CaseImmigrants' Rights
  9. Commonwealth v. Cotto

    March 8, 2017CaseCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  10. Louhghalam v. Trump

    January 31, 2017CaseLGBTQ Rights, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Immigrants' Rights, Racial Justice