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  1. Gordon v. Johnson and Castaneda v. Souza

    May 13, 2015CaseImmigrants' Rights
  2. Victory! ACLU wins 11-year-old's right to protest without paying for police detail

    May 26, 2015News update
  3. Black Lives Matter demonstrators cleared of disorderly conduct, trespassing charges

    May 26, 2015News update
  4. ACLU win at Supreme Judicial Court protects due process for thousands, in cases stemming from Dookhan drug lab scandal

    May 26, 2015News updateCriminal Law Reform
  5. Technology for Liberty

    May 12, 2015CampaignPrivacy and Surveillance, Government Transparency
  6. Justice for All

    May 12, 2015CampaignRacial Justice, Police Accountability, Immigrants' Rights
  7. Ending the Drug War

    May 13, 2015Page
  8. Ending the Death Penalty

    May 13, 2015Page
  9. Freedom of Expression and Association

    May 13, 2015Page
  10. Volunteer

    May 14, 2015Page