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  1. How can Massachusetts foster criminal justice reform?

    January 28, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform, Police Accountability, Racial Justice
  2. Carol Rose discusses public records reform, drones and more

    February 16, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform, Government Transparency
  3. There is a solution to the devastation inflicted by Dookhan scandal

    September 30, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  4. ACLU calls for repeal of mandatory minimum drug sentencing following SJC ruling

    October 14, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  5. What's legal (and what's not) when marijuana legalization takes effect on December 15?

    December 14, 2016PublicationCriminal Law Reform
  6. Dookhan gets parole, but thousands of tainted convictions remain

    April 13, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  7. ACLU lawsuit reveals one in six Massachusetts drug convictions tainted by Dookhan scandal

    May 12, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  8. Support an effective solution to the opioid crisis

    June 22, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform
  9. Commonwealth v. Laltaprasad

    March 30, 2016CaseCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice
  10. ACLU defends legal safety valve for harsh mandatory minimum drug sentences

    April 5, 2016News updateCriminal Law Reform, Racial Justice