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  1. Video: El Acta de la Confianza

    September 21, 2015PublicationImmigrants' Rights
  2. Civil rights groups offer policy for police body cameras

    September 19, 2015PublicationPolice Accountability
  3. Video: Cámaras corporales para policía de Boston

    September 21, 2015PublicationPolice Accountability
  4. SJC bans police stops solely for suspected marijuana

    September 22, 2015PublicationCriminal Law Reform
  5. State’s opioid crisis needs a public health approach

    November 18, 2015PublicationCriminal Law Reform
  6. Most localities fail test on state records law

    December 29, 2015PublicationGovernment Transparency
  7. Massachusetts legislature votes to end imprisonment of women civilly committed for addiction

    January 22, 2016PublicationCriminal Law Reform
  8. Carol Rose: Looking for a hero on public records

    January 31, 2016PublicationGovernment Transparency
  9. Boston Herald renews call to reform public records law

    February 3, 2016PublicationGovernment Transparency
  10. A defense for Apple's stand against government privacy violations

    February 19, 2016PublicationPrivacy and Surveillance