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  1. Commonwealth v. Gelfgatt

    October 18, 2014CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  2. Commonwealth v. Augustine

    February 19, 2014CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. Commonwealth v. Dorelas

    July 23, 2015CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  4. Commonwealth v. Johnson

    August 13, 2018CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  5. Commonwealth v. Almonor

    August 20, 2018CasePrivacy and Surveillance
  6. ACLU of Massachusetts v. Boston Police Department

    November 15, 2018CasePolice Accountability, Racial Justice, Privacy and Surveillance, Immigrants' Rights
  7. ACLU of Massachusetts v. MassDOT

    July 10, 2019CasePrivacy and Surveillance, Government Transparency, Racial Justice
  8. ACLU v. Department of Justice

    October 31, 2019CasePrivacy and Surveillance, Government Transparency
  9. ACLU of Massachusetts v. City of Boston

    August 12, 2020CasePrivacy and Surveillance, Police Accountability, Racial Justice, Government Transparency
  10. Merchant v. Mayorkas (formerly Alasaad v. Wolf)

    September 13, 2017CasePrivacy and Surveillance, Immigrants' Rights