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  1. Massachusetts lawmakers vote to strengthen our democracy with Automatic Voter Registration

    July 12, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  2. It is time for Massachusetts to pass automatic voter registration

    March 22, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  3. Supreme Court decision underscores importance of state voting protections

    June 12, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  4. Governor Baker signs automatic voter registration into law

    August 9, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  5. Massachusetts Supreme Court decision allows voter disenfranchisement to continue

    July 2, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  6. Statement on Secretary Galvin's proposed same-day voter registration

    January 25, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  7. ACLU to court: strike down Massachusetts' voter cutoff law

    February 1, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  8. A Presidents' Day reflection on Donald Trump's first year in office

    February 19, 2018PublicationFreedom of Religion and Belief, Immigrants' Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Voting Rights
  9. ACLU urges court to strike down voter cutoff law

    March 6, 2018News updateVoting Rights
  10. Jeff Sessions was the worst attorney general in modern American history

    November 9, 2018PublicationCriminal Law Reform, Immigrants' Rights, Voting Rights, LGBTQ Rights


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