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  1. We are suing to reunite an asylum-seeking family

    January 6, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights
  2. Cambridge passes municipal ban on face surveillance technology

    January 13, 2020News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  3. Statement of the ACLU of Massachusetts on Iranian student removed from U.S.

    January 21, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights
  4. Statement of ACLU of Massachusetts on the State of the Union address

    February 4, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights, Reproductive Freedom, Voting Rights
  5. Asylum-seeking family reunited after ACLU lawsuit challenging unlawful “Return to Mexico” policy

    February 7, 2020News updateImmigrants' Rights
  6. ACLU statement on Trump's administration’s plan to deploy elite tactical units to “sanctuary cities”

    February 15, 2020News update
  7. Boston Globe endorses statewide moratorium on face surveillance

    February 4, 2020News update
  8. Springfield passes municipal moratorium on face surveillance technology

    February 24, 2020News updatePrivacy and Surveillance
  9. MA Department of Correction to provide medication for addiction treatment, in ACLU victory

    February 28, 2020News updateCriminal Law Reform
  10. ACLU, family sue for wrongful death of Madelyn Linsenmeir

    March 5, 2020News updatePolice Accountability, Criminal Law Reform