We won't give up. We never do. And we can't do it without you.

The ACLU's work is made possible by the financial support of our members. The ACLU is stronger than ever before, thanks to the nearly 1,600,000 members, activists, and philanthropists across the country.

Thank you to the 80,000 individuals in Massachusetts who contributed to the ACLU this year in defense of liberty, justice, and equality. This record-making support represents a quintupling of our supporters and illustrates what is possible when we rise together. This is what resistance looks like.

Please consider making a gift to the ACLU. We need you in this fight.

Read about our successes and strategies for a free future in the 2017 Action Report.


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Legal Intake Volunteers

Ann Thacher Anderson • John Aram • Barbara Cogan • Ann Congleton • Philip Goldsmith • Sandy Halperin • Adrienne Korman • Jane Moeller • Luke Rigas • Sharryn Ross • Leah Sherman • Carol Streiff

Financial Statements

Click on the links below for detailed and audited Financial Statements for the ACLU's Fiscal Year 2017.
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