Board and Foundation Directors


2019-2020 Foundation Directors

  • Norma Shapiro, Chair
  • Ron Ansin
  • Stephen Chan
  • Peter J. Epstein
  • April Evans
  • Martin M. Fantozzi
  • Nicki Nichols Gamble
  • Stephen Kay
  • Jacob Lipton
  • J.B. Kittredge
  • Maria Manning
  • Kim V. Marrkand
  • Kevin Prussia

Board Members

  • J.B. Kittredge, President
  • Maria Manning, Vice President
  • Daryl Wiesen, Clerk
  • April Evans, Treasurer
  • Judy Bigby
  • David G. Bowman
  • Lael Chester
  • Jack Cushman
  • Iphigenia Demetriades
  • Martin Fantozzi
  • Ellen Fisher
  • Holly Gunner
  • Segun Idowu
  • Gail Jackson-Blount
  • Adam Kessel
  • Annmarie Levins
  • Jacob Lipton
  • Antonio Massa Viana
  • Kirsten Mayer
  • Kim McLaurin
  • Martin Murphy
  • Ronaldo Rauseo-Ricupero
  • John Regier
  • Nancy Ryan
  • Leslie Shapiro
  • Robert M. Thomas, Jr.
  • Charu Verma
  • Lisa Wong
  • Harmony Wu
  • Susan Yanow

Board Nomination Process

ACLU Of Massachusetts, Inc. bylaws state:

Nominations for Directors (other than the initial Directors) shall be recommended to the Board of Directors by the Nominating Committee…and shall be made by the Board of Directors after due consideration of such recommendations. Such nominations may also be made by written petition of at least fifty (50) Class A Members submitted to the President, in such form and manner as may be reasonably specified by the Board of Directors, on or before the February 1 immediately preceding the election in question. Each such nominating petition shall be accompanied by the nominee’s written confirmation of willingness to serve if elected.


Annual Meeting

To attend the Annual Members Meeting at 6 p.m. on June 22, 2020, please email