In May, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court issued a landmark decision for due process in our Bridgeman case, ruling that people may challenge their wrongful convictions without fear of retaliation by prosecutors. Now, in a case involving tainted convictions from another Massachusetts drug lab scandal, the Daily Hampshire Gazette says:

"[Northwestern District Attorney David] Sullivan should immediately take steps to vacate all convictions for defendants who have already served their sentences. That’s the least the state should do given this “debacle,” in an effort to help them become the productive, functioning members of society we all want them to be. ...

"As for the rest of the Northwestern district’s 2,000 cases that relied on Farak’s work? Sullivan should throw every one of them out as soon as possible.

"All are hopelessly corrupted beyond redemption. Sullivan’s office should cut them loose once and for all. That is in the best interests of justice."

Read the entire editorial: State should do the right thing with tainted drug convictions.