Homeland Security

Court considers challenge to laptop seizure at airport

ACLU suit followed confiscation of electronics owned by supporter of accused WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning.

"Secure Communities" is not a crime-fighting tool

What happened to Matthew Denice--the 23-year-old from Milford killed by a reportedly drunk driver--is so horrific that it is important to get the response right. Yet proponents of the S-Comm or "Secure Communities" federal immigration dragnet are getting it wrong.

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Suspicionless searches and seizures at the airport: we're suing

Freedom of association is so vital to our democracy that the framers put it in the First Amendment, alongside freedoms of speech, press, religion, and petition. After all, what good is the right to speak, pray, or petition the government if you can’t freely associate with other people who support your cause?

That is why the ACLU today is filing a lawsuit in Federal Court in Boston on behalf of a 24-year-old computer programmer and Cambridge activist named David House.

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