domestic spying

Are We All Suspects?

The ACLU of Massachusetts has released this major report on domestic spying in the Commonwealth:

When We Are All Suspects: A Backgrounder on Government Surveillance in Massachusetts (PDF)

Privacy and Intelligence Experts Join Call for Oversight of Massachusetts Domestic Surveillance Operations

As the Massachusetts legislature considers a bill to prevent intelligence abuses, an ACLU briefing highlights the need to protect political, religious, and other activity.

Unchecked Access To Private Data Doesn't Stop With Celebrities

Statement by Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts

Cambridge City Council Votes Unanimously to Oppose Surveillance Cameras

ACLU praises first-in-the-state vote to reject Homeland Security monitoring

The ACLU plans to sue to block Congress' FISA cave-in

A preliminary statement from the national ACLU is available here, and you can join a local discussion of the issue here. With the exception of Sen. Kennedy, who was not present, the entire Massachusetts delegation voted to oppose this disgraceful move.