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Mass. Supreme Judicial Court to consider remedy for tens of thousands of people affected by massive drug lab scandal

More than three years after revelation of criminal misconduct by Annie Dookhan, defendants convicted with tainted evidence still cannot clear their names.

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules social sharing of marijuana is not criminal distribution

ACLU challenged Commonwealth's interpretation that sharing small amounts of marijuana, which voters made non-criminal in 2008, could still be considered a crime.

Police step one toke over the line by busting mere pot smokers

Carol Rose

Carol Rose, executive director of the ACLU of Massachusetts, originally wrote this blog for Boston.com.

Common sense scored a victory today when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled in two cases that sharing a joint does not constitute drug "distribution" under the criminal laws of the Commonwealth.

State Attorney General rejects Wakefield ban on medical marijuana treatment centers

ACLU of Massachusetts welcomes response to town's move blocking access to use of medical marijuana approved by voters last November.

Police continue to investigate low-level marijuana use despite decriminalization

Commonwealth's investigations of noncriminal amounts of marijuana circumvent the will of the majority of Massachusetts voters.