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Can state or municipal governments enforce travel bans during emergencies?

"The right to travel is protected by the U.S. and Massachusetts constitutions. We respect the Governor's efforts to ensure public safety in the face of a blizzard, and we also recognize that this travel ban was brief. But we doubt that the Commonwealth could permissibly punish anyone who had a strong reason to be traveling during this week's blizzard." –Matthew Segal, ACLU of Massachusetts legal director

ACLU extends Worcester police documentation initiative

WPD leadership denies serious, ongoing problem with police misconduct and abuse.

REVISED: Judge dismisses criminal complaint against ACLU client who recorded Somerville police encounter

Court had previously charged Wenzday Jane for "interfering with a police officer" after she used her phone to video-record police questioning three teenagers on a playground.

ACLU investigates charge that Massachusetts state trooper used pepper spray against peaceful protestor

First Amendment protects rights of demonstrators, including the right to record police officers performing their duties in public.

ACLU sues Massachusetts SWAT team agency, demanding public accountability

Regional police group denies access to public records, claiming to be a private entity.