Immigration Reform

Immigrant advocates rally Wednesday for Massachusetts TRUST Act

Campaign aims to protect immigrant families from mass deportation and move immigration debate forward.

Nueva regla acortará la espera para reunir familias de ciertos inmigrantes

Desde el 4 de marzo el gobierno federal empezará un proceso nuevo para ciertos familiares inmediatos de ciudadanos estadounidenses que solicitan visas para luego convertirse en residentes permanentes. La ley permitirá a los individuos que sólo pueden solicitar la visa desde el exterior del país, comenzar el proceso desde los EE.UU., cortando el tiempo que deben estar en el exterior y separados de sus familias.

Three reasons why S-Comm numbers do not add up

Laura Rotolo

Laura Rótolo, FOIA counsel and community advocate for the ACLU of Massachusetts, originally wrote this guest blog for

Sunday's article on Secure Communities asks some important questions. Why, despite the Obama administration's focus on deporting criminals, do the numbers tell a different story? Why does the administration's signature program, Secure Communities (S-Comm), continue to deport so many undocumented workers and so few dangerous persons?

27 organizations say no to expanding ICE presence in Massachusetts

Agreements with local officers would let county sheriffs enforce immigration laws.