drug lab

Supreme Judicial Court rules government misconduct must be presumed in Dookhan drug-lab cases

ACLU urges a resolution that shifts burden of ascertaining which convictions must be vacated from defendants to prosecutors.

ACLU responds to Inspector General's report on Hinton Lab

State drug lab scandal shows need for a comprehensive solution, as well as scrapping mandatory minimums and returning sentencing discretion to judges.

ACLU sues for comprehensive remedy for convictions tainted by Massachusetts state drug lab scandal

On January 9, 2014, the ACLU filed a lawsuit asking the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to deliver a fair, efficient and comprehensive approach to the tainted convictions resulting from the Hinton state drug lab scandal.

State high court weighs solutions for state drug lab scandal

Two cases before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court could determine whether people whose convictions were obtained by fraud will continue paying the price for the state drug lab scandal.