Two more immigrants released on bond after federal judge's ruling

ACLU class action lawsuit argues federal government wrongly incarcerates dozens in Massachusetts jails under "mandatory detention" provision.

Victory! ACLU immigration client Clayton Gordon reunites with his family!

Weeks after a United States District Judge ruled that ACLU client Clayton Gordon was unlawfully subjected to "mandatory" immigration detention since June, Mr. Gordon has returned home, free on bond.

Supreme Court rules in favor of ACLU client Edie Windsor's challenge to "Defense of Marriage Act"

DOMA is unconstitutional as a deprivation of equal liberty protected by the Fifth Amendment, Court rules

Supreme Court invalidates patents on breast and ovarian cancer genes

Unanimous ruling represents major shift in patent law. Lisbeth Ceriani, a breast cancer survivor from Newton, Mass., joined lawsuit challenging patents held by Myriad genetics.

Massachusetts high court rules against prolonged solitary confinement without due process

Supreme Judicial Court reaffirms principle that use of solitary must be balanced with firm legal protections, including a 90-day limit without due process.