criminal justice

Mass. Supreme Judicial Court to consider remedy for tens of thousands of people affected by massive drug lab scandal

More than three years after revelation of criminal misconduct by Annie Dookhan, defendants convicted with tainted evidence still cannot clear their names.

Swartz death highlights disconnect between technology, law and liberty

The suicide of internet and social-justice activist Aaron Swartz on January 11, 2013 has raised many questions, which ACLU of Massachusetts executive director Carol Rose and Kade Crockford, director of our Technology for Liberty project, explore in "On Liberty" on

Blog: Why did the Massachusetts US Attorney's office persecute Aaron Swartz?

Police continue to investigate low-level marijuana use despite decriminalization

Commonwealth's investigations of noncriminal amounts of marijuana circumvent the will of the majority of Massachusetts voters.

ACLU welcomes independent investigation into drug lab scandal

Attorney General's office today asked Governor Patrick to appoint an independent investigator to help ensure public confidence in the state's criminal justice system.

ACLU calls for end to incarceration of innocent and wrongfully sentenced North Carolina inmates

In dealing with state drug lab scandal, Massachusetts should not emulate DOJ resistance to relief for wrongfully sentenced inmates.