government transparency

ACLU sues on behalf of town official banned from public buildings for statements made during finance meeting

Indefinite banishment violates official's constitutional rights.

ACLU sues federal agencies over license plate reader information

Demands records on how ordinary citizens' data is kept and shared.

Podcast: Julian Assange in hiding

"If the United States can prosecute a journalist for publishing outside the United States facts that the government doesn't like, then the governments of Russia and China could, by the same logic, demand that foreign reporters anywhere on Earth be extradited to those countries for violating their laws. Such a precedent... should deeply concern everyone, whether they admire Wikileaks or not."

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City of Boston pays $170,000 to settle landmark case involving man arrested for recording police with cell phone

Simon Glik broke no law making video of police officers' use of force against another man on Boston Common.

Lawsuit alleges Westfield Mayor ordered public employees to remove political signs

Property owner joins politicians whose signs were removed in suit against Mayor.