Occupy Protest Resources

This photo taken from a nearby building shows Dewey Square, home to Occupy Boston, in October 2011.

The ACLU of Massachusetts is serious about protecting protesters' First Amendment rights. See the following for a list of resources tailored to the current situation.

  1. For general information on rights to protest and when permits are necessary, see ACLU of Massachusetts’ Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests
  2. For information on how to interact with police see the ACLU’s What to Do If You’re Stopped by the Police
  3. For the right to take photographs and videotapes, see the ACLU’s Know Your Rights: Photographers. Bear in mind that the U.S. Court of Appeals recently affirmed that the First Amendment protects the right to videotape what the police are doing in public.
  4. To assist with training legal observers, see the National Lawyers Guild's Legal Observer Training Manual.
  5. For common sense tips on surveillance and security, see the Ruckus Society’s Security Culture for Activists.
  6. For an online Civil Disobedience Training which includes detailed information about what happens after a person gets arrested, see ACT UP’s website. A taped ACT UP Civil Disobedience Training is available here.
  7. For the serious consequences that could be faced by non citizens if they get arrested during a demonstration, see our S-Comm page.

Learn more about our advocacy for the rights of Occupy protesters here.

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