Locking Up Our Children

Download our special report: The Secure Detention of Massachusetts Youth After Arraignment and Before Adjudication

A Looming Crisis
Today the ACLU released A Looming Crisis: The Secure Detention of Youth After Arrest and Before Arraignment in Facilities Administered by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Learn more:

News Release
Report reveals unwarranted detention of Massachusetts youth

A Looming Crisis

Justice By The Numbers
Boston Globe editorial highlighting the ACLU's "Locking Up Our Children" report, and suggesting solutions.

Youth Lockup Doesn't Work and Isn't Fair
Worcester Telegram columnist Clive McFarlane highlights "Locking Up Our Children" in this column.

ACLU Report Exposes Unjust Detention Of Youth
Pretrial Juvenile Lockup In Massachusetts Disproportionately Impacts Youth Of Color

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