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ACLU names Christopher M. Robarge as field coordinator for Central Massachusetts

What's the ACLU role in challenging California's Prop 8?

ACLU asks court to unseal proceedings in Twitter subpoena case

Secrecy about the legal process itself undermines integrity of the judicial system.

Check the ACLU's candidate report card on civil liberties

Cut through the clutter of presidential horse-race political coverage over the next ten months. Check the ACLU's candidate report card on civil liberties to see how many "torches" each candidate gets on issues including immigration, surveillance, the rule of law, reproductive choice, and LGBT issues.

ACLU Candidate Report Card (PDF) | Blog: Iowa Caucus Memories

President Obama signs National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The ACLU opposes NDAA because it contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. If it remains in effect, its ambiguous language is likely to remain a threat to fundamental freedoms long after President Obama has moved on.

Blog: Obama signs the NDAA despite "serious reservations" | Take action